Message From The Vice President  Hello my name is Barry Schutte. I learned about the   Leavitt Bulldog back in 2006 and knew from the start  this was the dog for me. Normally you read about some  breed history but with the Leavitt Bulldog I had the  feeling that we could be part of making history.  For me it was wonderful to see that the creator of the  breed was still involved and very much dedicated to the  breed and still was looking for a thousand ways to better  his breed. This was something I wanted to be part of.  I joined a club with a very diverse group of dog owners,  each with their own special skills. I am proud to be part  of a group dedicated to breeding the best bulldog out  there. I felt very honored when I was asked to accept the office of LBA Vice  President.  I promise to continue my efforts to better the Leavitt Bulldog. There are always things that can be improved and I hope to work with this great  group of breeders and owners for many more years. You all share my  dedication to bettering the breed and that is what I like most about the  LBA.  We have four dogs in the house and own 11 more with wonderful and  responsible people.  My VP position is a shared one as all my decisions and ideas are carefully  discussed with my partner Cindy De Flart.  My goal for the club is to encourage the continuation of the great effort   everyone is putting in and to try to find ways to get this breed to the next   level. By working together, the LBA will continue to improve and refine   this wonderful breed.