Message From David Leavitt  In the early 1970's I started breeding a dog with the  looks of the Regency Period Bull Baiter. The breed was  named Olde English Bulldogge (OEB), to clearly  distinguish it from the modern English Bulldog. In the  ensuing 34 years, people with unrelated dogs started  using my breed name. Most of their dogs do not match  my Standard. Today there are more of these alternative  breeders than breeders of my OEB's. This situation is  unique in the history of the dog world. In effect we have  been absorbed by the alternative Bulldogge breeders and  have become just another of many OEB's. I see  continued fighting over this name as a waste of time. It is  a battle that can't be won and the confusion will just continue. My  solution is to rename the Breed what people are already calling it; Leavitt  Bulldog. The LBA (Leavitt Bulldog Assoc.) formed to support breeders who agree  with the name change and who share my original vision of recreating the  Bulldog of 1820. The LBA is committed to improving the Leavitt Bulldog.  We feel strongly that only the best examples should be bred and require  that all breeding stock submit hip x-rays for approval before breeding.  Please notice our various levels of registration. They were adopted in an  effort to assure quality off spring. LB’s must be healthy, match the  Standard, and have good temperaments.  The LBA president, Chris Blatcher and vice president Marie Morris have  stepped up and are working in the dogs’ behalf. I thank them for their  help and I thank you for your interest. David Leavitt