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My name is Marie Morris. I am the Vice President of the Leavitt Bulldog Association. I will be helping you with your registry needs. In an effort to speed up sending your papers out, I suggest taking advantage of modern technology. You can print an application found on this website. Fill it out, sign it, scan it and e-mail it to I will accept payment with Paypal. This would be the fastest way to get papers to you. And of course there is the old fashioned way, by US Postal Service. Be sure to fill out all required blanks and include appropriate payment by Postal Money Order, or Cashier's Check, only. Sorry, no personal checks. Photos of all puppies must be sent in with litter registration applications.

The fees are:

Litter Registration - 1 or 2 puppies - $20:

Litter Registration - 3 or more puppies - $30:

Single Dog Registration is $20:

I look forward to working with you.

Submission of Hip and Elbow X-rays and 5 Photos Showing all 4 sides of the Dog and one of the Face are Required for Breeding Approval

Female dogs must be at least 2 years old before breeding takes place and males 18 months.

Hip and elbow x-rays of both parents must be submitted and approved before dogs are bred. The dogs must be a minimum of 18 months old when the x-rays are taken. It is better if the dogs are 24 months old. Dogs must be sedated while the x-ray is taken. Our hip and elbow evaluations are done by a radiologist who spent 15 years as an OFA evaluator.

We highly encourage owners to x-ray the spine at same time as the hips and elbows are done. Two views at 90 degrees to each other; i.e., lateral and ventrodorsal radiographs are necessary for a complete spine evaluation.

We charge $28 for hip and elbow evaluation or $56 for hip, elbow and spine evaluation, which is what the service costs us.

Email a digital x-ray or a digital photo of the film x-ray to our registrar at and Paypal the appropriate fee for the evaluation/s. Film X-rays can also be run through a scanner in order to digitize them.

Hip and Elbow X-Ray Evaluation - $28

Hip, Elbow and Spine X-Ray Evaluation - $56

If you can't get a digital file from your Vet or can't take a good digital photo of the x-ray then mail the x-ray and a money order for the amount of x-ray evaluation ($28 or $56) plus $15 shipping fee to:

Leavitt Bulldog Association
P.O. Box 343
Centenary, SC 29519

Link to article on importance of proper positioning for x-ray:

It is required that elbows be x-rayed at the same time as hips and if the dog is anesthetized, that the Vet count the dog's teeth and that you include this report with the hip x-ray.


We provide OFA evaluation grades.

We will continue to list the hip and elbow grades of your dog's ancestors on our pedigrees. We will list them in number form because of space limitations. The numbers will correspond to the following grade.


HD 0 - Excellent
HD 1 - Good
HD 2 - Fair
HD 3 - Borderline
HD 4 - Mild
HD 5 - Moderate
HD 6 - Severe

Mild is the worst hip score that will be approved for breeding.

Mild is the threshold where hip dysplasia is present. Dogs with a Mild rating MUST be bred to a dog with Excellent or Good hips.


ED 0 - Normal
ED 1 - Mild
ED 2 - Moderate
ED 3 - Severe

Mild is the worst elbow score that will be approved for breeding.

Dogs with a Mild rating MUST be bred to a dog with Normal elbows.


Requirements for Certifying Dogs from other Registries:

  • The owner's name(s)
  • The breeder's name
  • Kennel name
  • Current Registry
  • Current Registration number
  • A five generation pedigree
  • A **videotape of the dog applying for L.B.A. certification

Non-Breeding Papers

Non-Breeding Papers will be issued to dogs that clearly do not conform to the L.B.A. standard and/or have rear dewclaws, entropion, ectopion, cherry eye, a bobbed tail, docked tail, screw tail, crooked tail, wry jaw, demodex mange, move with a hop, are cow hocked, have feet that turn out, feet that turn in, are down in the pastern, are timid, or overly aggressive.

Prohibited Breeding

Females must not be bred on consecutive heats. No back to back litters.

Breeding is prohibited between brother and sister, father and daughter, son and mother.

Litter Registration

L.B.A breeders will register their litters with the L.B.A. no later than one month (30 days) after their birth. The breeder will submit the date of birth, registration numbers of both Dam and Sire, a list of the pups detailing their sex, color, and tail type. The L.B.A. will issue puppy papers to the breeder. The fee is $20 for a one or two puppy litter and $30.00 for litters of three or more puppies. Puppy buyers will be given these papers, which they should fill out and return to the L.B.A. along with $20, to receive L.B.A Registration papers for their dog.

Photos of all puppies must be sent to the Registrar with litter registration applications. 

**The videotape must clearly show all four sides of the dog, the dog's tail and his bite. The video must also show the dog moving from the front, side and rear, as well as the dog's interaction with other dogs and people.

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Leavitt Bulldog Association
P.O. Box 343
Centenary, SC 29519