Breeding approval


All dogs must be approved  before breeding can take place. The LBA screens health and conformation before breeding approval is granted, in order to maintain and improve the quality of the Leavitt Bulldog.

Hips, elbows & spine

Before breeding approval can be granted, X-rays of hips, elbows and back must be evaluated by the OFA: 

Dogs must be sedated when x-rays are taken.

The OFA requires dogs be a minimum of 24 months old to receive a full evaluation by 3 radiologists. Preliminary evaluations by one radiologist are offered for dogs younger than 24 months old. The LBA recommends, but does not require, x-rays be taken at 24 months or older.

A hip grade of mild dysplasia (HD4) and an elbow grade of 1 are the lowest evaluations that will be granted breeding approval and in both those cases, breeding can only take place with a mate that has hips with a grade of good (HD1) and elbows with a 0 grade.

The OFA grades for your dog's hip and elbow scores will be listed on registration papers using a number form.


HD 0 = Excellent

HD 1 = Good

HD 2 = Fair

HD 3 = Borderline

HD 4 = Mild

HD 5 = Moderate

HD 6 = Severe


ED 0 = Normal

ED 1 = Mild

ED 2 = Moderate

ED 3 = Severe

Tooth chart

The LBA asks that your Vet check the dog’s teeth while they are anaesthetised for x-rays and complete a tooth chart for submission.

Genetic testing

Whilst it is not mandatory at present, we highly recommend genetic testing for dogs to be bred in order to detect any genetic concerns. 

See Embark at  (Embark for Breeders Dog DNA Test Kit) or a similar provider.

Conformation and movement

The LBA will request photos and videos in order to assess conformation and movement:

  • 5 photos of the dog, showing all 4 sides and 1 of the face
  • A video showing the dog trotting (please shoot from the front, back and both sides)

Apply for breeding approval

Please email all the documents required for breeding approval to the LBA Registrar at


  • Owner’s name and contact details
  • Dog’s name
  • Current registry and registration number
  • Breeder’s name
  • Kennel name
  • OFA evaluations
  • X-rays
  • Tooth chart from Veterinarian
  • Required photos and videos 
  • A five-generation pedigree