Breeding Rules

  1. Females must be a minimum of 24 months old before breeding and males 18 months
  2. Both dogs must have been approved for breeding by the LBA
  3. Females cannot be bred on 2 consecutive heats, ie. no back to back litters
  4. Breeding is prohibited between brother and sister, father and daughter, son and mother (no inbreeding)
  5. Dogs with mild hip dysplasia can only be bred to dogs that have have hips with a grade of good (HD1) or better.
  6. Dogs with mild elbow dysplasia can only be bred with dogs that have an elbow grade of normal (ED0)
  7. Degenerative Myelopathy carriers can only be bred to clear dogs
  8. Dogs with Provisional, Transitional or Outcross papers must be bred to dogs with full breeding papers for 4 generations

Approval process