About Us


Mission Statement

The Leavitt Bulldog Association is a group of breeders, owners and  breed enthusiasts who have joined together with David Leavitt to preserve the Regency Period working Bull Baiter that he created and named Olde English Bulldogge in the early 1970’s.

We now call our dogs Leavitt Bulldogs in an effort to differentiate them from the larger body of unrelated dogs called Olde English Bulldogge today.


Recreating the bulldog of the 1820s

We are committed to reproducing the looks, agility, health, and working ability of the bulldog that was prevalent prior to the ban on bull baiting - but with a temperament that ensures the dogs will be excellent family companions. 


Health, temperament and working ability

Maintaining and improving health, temperament and working ability is our primary mission. We will continue to develop programs and breeding selection to further this mission, as well as providing registry service and maintenance of our stud book.